Microscopic Marine Life Art Project

   The Microscopic Marine Life Art Project was created by Haida Gwaii Marine Planning Outreach Coordinator and local artist Judy Hilgemann, to raise awareness in local youth about local and global marine issues. Students were asked to focus in on microscopic marine life forms to explore the complexity and fragility of the building blocks of life within our oceans.

   The issue of marine micro-plastics was raised during the art lessons. The disturbing fact is that micro-plastics are being found at a microscopic level, within many marine life forms, globally. The scale of this issue is daunting, but awareness is the first step toward change. Approximately 50 students from across School District 50 participated during the fall of 2018 and spring of 2019.

    Haawa and thank you to the, Marine Planning Partnership, Council of the Haida Nation, Province of BC,  School District 50 teachers and principals, and most of all – the students who willingly dove in to create this exciting collection of marine paintings.

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